His body ached, everything was sore in some way.. He hobbled along, almost all his weight resting on the thing cane he clutched tightly in his paw. The other paw was clutched around his small body, trying to put pressure on the deep gash that stained his fur a deep red to match his outfit. Even on the paw holding his cane were destroyed remains of bandages, an old wound opened. He let out a shaky sigh…

Maybe someone would find him…Help him…

He needed it… He didn’t have enough energy to float, let alone teleport back to his base, back to his team.

He was nowhere near them..

What happened..?

((Not sure what this is..I got bored and just wrote it out of boredom..))

((Also gave his cane more of a purpose other than just to be fancy rofl.))

((I would assume he can’t walk all too well having no limbs and floating most of the time.))

((Anyway since this wasn’t really made for anything in particular if anyone wants they could continue it in a RP or something or give advice for my writing or something))

((dunno, still really bored. Hope you liked it though c:))